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200x200 Revita Mask 4

HydroPlus Medi-Repair Revita Mask

HydroPlus Medi-Repair Revita Mask is a professional mask with its unique AmpFusion technology designed for post
treatment skin providing instant hydration to dry / sensitive skin to counteract the transepidermal water loss after
treatment. Natural extracts like Green Tea, Artemisia Princeps and Witch Hazel helps to provide calming, anti-inflammatory
and pore tightening effect while Sodium Hyaluronate instantly hydrates the skin and Saururus Chinensis Extract
brightens the skin. Hydrate, Calm and Protect your skin with HydroPlus Medi-Repair Revita Mask.

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UV defence Sunblock

NatureCare Tone Up UV Defence Lotion SPF50 PA+++

NatureCare Tone Up UV Defence Lotion is a water-proof and light-weight sunscreen which have toning up skin colour effect. This is suitable for use after the cream during day time. The long lasting UV protection ingredient, Titanium Dioxide able to protect your skin for 8 hours and Sodium Hyaluronate keeps the skin feel moisture, fresh and not-sticky.

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200x200 OC Serum

OilControl Purifying Acne Serum

OilControl Purifying Acne Serum is a lightweight and fast absorbing serum for oily prone skin. This intensive serum is formulated with Salicylic Acid and Oat Kernel Extract to reduce the formation of acne, clogged pores. It also helps to soften the appearance of skin blemishes and lighten acne scars.

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