Our Concept

Laclaire was founded with a simple goal in mind :To create a professional skincare brand with a combination of Natural Ingredients and Clinical Skincare System.

We are driven by a fundamental belief to increase your skincare regime to a higher level of using products that is of a clinical grade and the use of natural ingredients to create a skincare brand that is taking care of you on a holistic level. Our guiding principle is to facilitate this 3 process by finding formulations and products that helps in Repairing, Regenerating and Protection of the skin to give you a glowing and healthy skin.

Our Mission

We are committed to make continous effort to find and develop new innovative products to meet the ever-growing need of a good skincare regime. We also assist our clients based on trust-eligibility, integrity and commitment for long-term relationship.

Our Values


Train the owners and staff of beauty centres and aesthetic clinic on the effective ways of methods, products and knowledge with theoretical and practical to achieve at the highest standard and enhance their professional skills


Our brand are committed to listen on latest trends and develop advanced products formulas for maximum efficacy and optimum results


Active ingredients selected and implemented through the most high performance delivery system skincare products. All our products are developed and test with strict standard to guarantee function and effectiveness, proven to make a significant improvement in the appearance of skin.

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