HydroPlus Medi-Repair Revita Mask

HydroPlus  Medi-Repair  Revita Mask is a professional mask with its unique  AmpFusion technology designed for post treatment skin providing instant   hydration to dry / sensitive skin to counteract the transepidermal water loss after treatment. Natural extracts like Green Tea, Artemisia Princeps and Witch Hazel help to provide calming, inflammatory and pore tightening effect while Sodium  Hyaluronate instantly hydrates the skin and Saururus Chinensis Extract brightens the skin. Hydrate, Calm and Protect your skin with HydroPlus  Medi-Repair  Revita Mask.

10 Ea Per Box

  • Calming and instant hydration
  • Reduce Redness
  • Protect and Repair Skin Barrier
  • Improve uneven skin tone
  • Green Tea
  • Artemisia Princeps
  • Saurus Chinesis
  • Mix the Active Gel and Active Powder in the mask bowl and stir evenly with spatuala. Apply on face, eyes and neck area.
  • Remove the mask and rinse off with water after 20-30min of application.

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