NatureCare Ceramide HA Cleanser

NatureCare Ceramide HA Cleanser is a gentle cleansing gel which is also formulated as a light makeup remover. This cleanser effectively cleanses the skin and removes dirt, grime and light makeup without damaging the hydrolipidic film. The formulation combines Ceramide and Sodium Hyaluronate to prevent and protect the moisture loss after cleanse which leave the skin feeling smooth, moisture and fresh.

1000ml / 33.81 fl.oz

  • Remove Sebum and particles
  • Protect from Moisture Loss
  • Sodium Hyaluronate
  • Ceramide
  • Pump an appropriate amount of cleanser into your hands and add water to transform itfrom gel to foam
  • Massage in a circular motion and rinse off with water.
  • It can also be used as a light makeup base remover.

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